i have been using my facebook account on cydia for verification when downloading/buying apps so i can download them without paying for them again both on the same phone and those times i buy a new one.

but heres my problem..

ive now removed my facebook account and started using my gmail account for verification instead.

now i still have the same phone and no problems as cydia recognize the phone and therefor shows the apps ive bought.

but im about to buy me a new iphone soon and then i have no way of getting thoose apps without paying as i cant use the old facebook account for verification.

so is there a way of merging/exporting/changing/moving all the info from my facebook verification to my gmail verification instead? so when using the gmail account for verificaton cydia sees that i bought the apps (i dont feel like paying for all the apps again)

for example removing the facebook verification and moving all info to the gmail verification (guess that has to be done by saurik if so..)

or if i can do something myself?

all suggestions and help is appreciated

ive tried to mail saurik but havent got any respons (im not really suprised as i guess he has a lot to do and a lot of idiots emailing him with stupid questions)

so im now turning to you all-knowing guys

so i really appreciate if you could help me out!