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Thread: I'm getting free data with Rogers pay as u go

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    Default I'm getting free data with Rogers pay as u go
    I've been on Rogers pay as you go for the last few months with my 3GS and with no data plan.. I've never been able to access data over edge or 3G before but I noticed yesterday that data has been working... And I'm not being charged per use at all.

    The only thing that has changed recently is that I'm on iOS 5 beta 6 now.. Do you think that being on a beta software is causing this to happen?

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    Be very careful. That happened to me with Rogers several years ago. I had been on a plan that included data, long before they started scamming people and ripping them off with the unconscionable 3 yr term plans they use now. When I first got the account with that number I had a MotorolaTac lite. Of course, data on cell phones was mostly unheard of to most people back then and nothing more than a rumour for others. So, back to topic, as the technology progressed so did my handsets and so did my services recieved from my carrier. Of course, the data service and cell for that matter was not always as good as it is now and the carrier(now called Rogers) relied on the few customers they had who were willing and capable of accessing and using these services no matter how spotty and buggy it was. We were always calling tech support(as is called now) to report lost, dropped, incomplete etc service areas. often spending a great deal of time with these people so to help them sort out what went wrong. Always giving our imput to them for free and on our own time AND paying our bills for the telephony service through them.
    Oh yes, about the ingrateful and sleazy Rogers treatment of customers. Many years go by and I now have a Motorola v551(but still several years ago from now) and am still being billed by Rogers under that same account and I find myself in an economic situation in which I'm forced to use Pay as You Go service.
    It was a few months and quite by accident that I discovered I was still receiving data service and very happy to see that their not billing me for my data use. So I used it.
    It was about a year later, with me still using data freely that I changed my Pay as you Go plan to some kind of a bare bones monthly plan. Still I kept receiving data for free. 8 mths later I received a bill for a whopping $23000 hundred dollars with no explanation as to why so I called up Rogers and asked innocently asked why and what they were billing me so much for. They could not, or would not tell me and on that call wiped that particular bill clean. They zeroed me.
    I laid off the data use for that bill as I readily could admit that I had become hooked big by that time and was hooked bad to data mobility by then but still the next bill was double the last. That time I called them same as the last and even though they still didnt know why they wanted so much from me they stood strong on the fact that I should be giving them that much money and threatened to cut my service almost immediately.
    I pleaded hardship and the need for having mobile telephony in order for my employer to keep in touch with me so I got another months service which ended with a bill demanding nearly $500000 from me. I went to the Metrotown Rogers tower head office in order to have someone just tell me why they thought I owed them so much money. I never did\have been told why to this day. And in case anyones wondering, that meeting ended with, of course, no answer to why they think I owe them that much money but they did cut my phone service that day and had the police escort me away. They've since sent that account, stopped on that dated to the credit agencies who still, every once in a while find some kind of a way to harass me once or twice about it.

    Think what you will about my story. I urge any one who reads this believe that thats what it is, merely a story, cuz I might just be lying about how Rogers decided to turn around and bite this hand that played a vital role in feeding it what it needed to be the giant it is today. Then I'll tell you that it's just only me that has been through this type of thing with them then you would have some kind of prove that I may just be lying some of my story. Be careful kids. Theres many different roads that can be taken that end up at the same place as the one is this little story.

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