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Thread: 3GS Completely Ruined... Apple & Orange have been no help. Please help!

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    Default 3GS Completely Ruined... Apple & Orange have been no help. Please help!
    Hi guys

    Any help at all with my situation would be very much appreciated. I am even willing to pay someone in the Leeds (West Yorkshire, England) area to fix it. Both Orange and Apple have been ABSOLUTELY USELESS and can not be bothered to help me.

    My long story made short:

    - Bought an iPhone 3GS second hand on eBay for 220. It was described as "mint condition, orange network but jailbroken and unlocked."

    - It was fine (and mint) when it arrived although even my untrained eye could see it had a replacement screen.

    - I registered and synced it with iTunes and everything seemed ok. All my e-mail, apps etc. were fine and wi-fi was good too.

    - Unfortunately it would not accept my O2 sim card as it was still locked to the Orange network (I confirmed this by placing a friend's Orange sim in the handset). Possibly the handset wasn't as jail broken or unlocked as the eBay advert has suggested?

    - I telephoned Orange customer services (on MANY occasions over a 2 month period) but they were USELESS. Because I wasn't an Orange customer and because I wasn't the original owner of the handset they bascially told me to f&*k off.

    - Apple were not prepared to help me as their records confirmed the handset belonged to the Orange network so I'd have to contact Orange to get it unlocked

    - This round in circles pattern kept on going for months.

    - The only option available to me (as suggested by an Orange call centre operative) was to jailbrake the phone myself. There were plenty of videos on YouTube so I thought I'd have go. How difficult can it be?!?

    I attempted to follow a video using RedSnow and this is where the BIG problems start:

    (a) the handset continually restarts (think it's in a recovery mode loop)
    (b) the handset will not kick out of recovery mode nor can it be placed in DFU mode
    (c) the iTunes restore fails after about 15 minutes with a 1060 error code

    I took it into my local Apple Genius Bar but they could not restore it. In addition they weren't able to offer ANY kind of help because the screen was not the original Apple screen

    End result, I have a 3GS which is completely useless.

    Can anyone help please?


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    Restore to stock 4.1 firmware and you should arrive at error 1015.
    run tiny umbrella, highlight your unknown device on the top left hand corner , then apply exit recovery.
    You will now be at emergency screen, either put an official sim to activate or use Limerain to hactivate and jailbreak for you.
    Once jailbroken, go to cydia and install Ultrasnow to unlock your iPhone.
    Go to settings , general and about and check your Baseband, let us know your bb.

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    Hi iYeow

    That sounds easy when given in 6 line summary, but I am a complete beginner.

    Can you offer a link to a beginner's guide to reverting to an older firmware?

    I've downloaded the 3GS 4.1 firmware from the internet but that's as far as I have gone.



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