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Thread: prolonging battery lifetime?

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    Default prolonging battery lifetime?
    Whats the best way of recharging the iPhone battery? do you always drain it complety empty and then full charge it or is it no problem if you recharge the iPhone whenever you want and not always full recharge it?
    because when you want to upload new songs with iTunes you also recharge the battery as long as the process lasts. isnt this bad for the battery?
    and is there anyway to see how much battery is left in percent or in hours? or can you only tell by the small battery logo in the right corner?

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    the iphone uses a lithium battery which likes to remain charged as much as possible. They do not develop "memory" problems like older batteries and it can worse to actually attempt to drain them completely and recharge them. The only current power indicator is the icon in the corner.

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    The iPhone battery is some sort of hybrid Lithium Ion I believe - it's not supposed to matter how long of how much or how little you charge it. The battery itself is rated at a specific number of full charge cycles only (draining to zero, then full recharge). Each time you 'top off' the battery - say 10% - you are just making a partial charge that uses up 10% of that one full charge cycle.

    Following this line of logic it would seem to me that the more the iPhone is attached to a power source and not running off its internal battery (playing thru powered speakers or attached to iTunes with the battery fully charged), the less strain on the battery and less charge cycles will be used up. I could be wrong though.

    But, certainly if you are a heavy user and run through a full battery each day and charge it fully each night, then your battery life will diminish faster than a user that takes longer to run through the same cycle.

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