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Thread: I cant connect my iphone with CyberDuck or Fugu

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    Default I cant connect my iphone with CyberDuck or Fugu
    okay so i cannot connect my iphone to my Mac with cyberduck or Fugu. I know i have the right IP address and i've tried port 22 and 21 with the password alpine and dottie with the username root. I have my Firewall on and ive done a disk utilty check. I have tried everything and i really need help!! im using iphone 4 (4.3.2) and my router is a Trendnet btw

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    do you have it on sftp

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    yea i have it on sftp. It still doesn;t work.

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    thanks for the idea but anyone else?

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    Did u installed openssh?
    Is it turned on in SBSettings?

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    yea its opened up thanks but thats not it

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    R u on the Same WIFI network?
    Mac or PC?

    If you have a Mac try Creating a New Network and then connect the iDevice to it, if this works then it's probably a Wireless problem with your router

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    umm i have a mac and i need to create a new network on my iphone

    or type in my network manually?
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    1.Go to your Mac

    2.Click the WIFI symbol in the top menu bar on the right

    3.Click "Create Network"

    4.Tell your iDevice to join it

    Can u ssh in now?

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    Nope. It won't connect still.

    Nope. It won't connect still.

    thanks anyway

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    try installing afc2add from cydia , respiring and try again

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    R u in SFTP ssh mode?
    Username: root
    Pass: alpine
    Port: 22
    IP: the ip the iPhone is using on the wifi network

    Because u installed OpenSSH and SBSettings make sure SSH is on in SBSettings

    If all that's right try using a different computer or what the guy above me said

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    nope nothing worked!!

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