Last year I added an iPod adapter to my truck so that I wouldn't have to carry around my massive CD library any longer. I lucked out and found an adapter that would work with my factory stereo, open box policy and heavily discounted to where I paid under $30 shipped. Much cheaper than a new headunit or some of the pricey adapters out there. Being a broke college student, cheap is my goal. The adapter was an old out of date adapter that connects to the dock on the bottom of the iPod. Initially I was driven mad by the "Accessory Connected" screen preventing me from controlling my Touch from the device rather than the factory head unit. After some googling I decided to Jailbreak and get the NoAccessorySplash app. It's worked fantastically.

Rather than display my background on the lockscreen, it gives me the "Charging is not supported with this accessory" and ugly yellow triangle screen. I've gotten fed up with this screen. I've been googling all day but it seems the only guide I found on how to get rid of said screen is no longer on the web.

Does anyone know of any way to get rid of this screen? I have already deleted the daemon, and have NoAccessorySplash, but the triangle screen remains. I've done a search, couldn't find anything helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And no, I'm not buying another iPod adapter. I just paid for 5 classes for fall, I am broke.


I am running a 2nd gen MC iPod touch with 4.2.1 and GreenPois0n.

Double Edit:
This adapter would allow me to charge and get rid of the triangle screen. I'd prefer not to have to spend another $20 if I don't have too though.