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Thread: SMS delay problems, not sure if jail break unmod.

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    Default SMS delay problems, not sure if jail break unmod.
    Hello all, I hope someone can help. Sorry if this sounds like more than one problem, but I can't tell how its all related or not.

    First I need to make sure I have completely removed all traces of jailbreak, in order to make sure that is not the thing causing my SMS problems. Second, maybe someone has an idea about my SMS problems.


    I got an iphone4 and jailbroke it right away and installed BiteSMS, as well as played around with many other things such as iBlacklist.

    For the past month since I got it I have been getting SMS messages occasionally delayed by up to 2 hours, at least once a day. Everything else seems to be working fine. But at least once a day, there will be a gap of time when I know someone is trying to SMS me, signal looks fine, I might even be sending/receiving SMS to other people during that time, then suddenly an hour later, a pile of delayed SMS messages will come all at once from the person that I was waiting for SMS. This has caused a lot of miscommunication and problems when trying to meet someone, etc.

    So my initial reaction was that the problem must be related to either BiteSMS, or the jailbreak in some way, or perhaps iBlacklist. I tried uninstalling cydia apps one at a time to try to find the culprit, but the problem remained. I removed BiteSMS, still problem. Finally I restored the iphone as new using Itunes to try to run with Factory Firmware, no jailbreak, and still the problem remains.

    When I was using BiteSMS, there was better timestamping and when the messages all came to me in a pile after an hour, they would have the old timestamps going back over that hour. I don't know if that means they arrived sooner and got clogged in my iphone somehow or if those messages were timestamped by the network provider. I don't know if the problem is my provider or if the problem is my handset somehow not receiving it.

    Its strange to me that the signal appears to be fine while I'm waiting and even while I'm waiting for those messages I seem to be able to make calls and send SMS to other people, in fact the person I am waiting for message is receiving my messages the whole time. But for some reason theirs aren't coming to me.

    When I contacted the provider once after having this problem they looked on their computer and they are unable to see my SMS history, but they can apparently find out whether I roamed out of signal for any length of time, and they determined that I had not roamed out of signal range at all.


    So the first question is, when I removed the jailbreak, did I really remove all traces of it? Are there any files or partitions left around from the jailbreak? I understand there maybe bits of data still on the storage device which a sleuth could find unless I overwrite with 0's, but unless there are actual files recognized by the OS, then I don't see them as being related to any problems I might still be having. But I just want to make sure I don't have ANYTHING lingering around from the jailbreak that might cause any kind of problem whatsoever. how can I make sure the jailbreak is 100% gone?

    second question, can anyone think of any other reason that my SMS would have this problem? Is it possible that the handset is defective in some way?

    Is there anything about the hardware that would somehow potentially cause the network to be unable to send the SMS? Is it Apple Warranty problem?

    Any help or insights at all anyone?
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    Let me tell you that you aren't alone. I've been having the same issue for a while.

    Basically, I've been receiving text messages late (ranging from 2 minutes to 30+ minutes) for the past month and a half. It's been happening multiple times everyday, randomly. I've done the same things you've done; restored from backup and restoring as a new phone. I went to Apple to see if they could do anything and they told me to replace my sim. I went to AT&T and did this. Still had the problem. Went to Apple again and explained the problem to them. They replaced my phone (though they said there was some water damage). Still had the same issue so I decided to call AT&T.

    Now, here's the thing. Customer service updated some things for me, but the issue still was there. Called again, got put on with technical support. Technical support updated some things again, but I still had the problem. Called technical support again and the guy I spoke to said that my routing number wasn't correct so he fixed that. Still had the problem though. Called again and they filed an investigation for me (a trouble ticket). They gave me a text saying that the investigation was complete and I was still noticing delays so I called the number on the text. I asked them what the investigation had found and they told me it was an issue with my phone. I told the person that I just had my phone replaced and they said that all they could do is call Apple and open a trouble ticket with them. They said I had to be near my computer, which I wasn't. They told me to call back again, so I did. The person I spoke to basically was like, that other person is wrong. There's no point in calling Apple since you just got your phone replaced and you got your sim replaced. She updated a routing number or something and she said that if there were any issues, call back and they'll submit another trouble ticket. Much to my surprise the delays were almost gone - they only occur at night now. I called back again to see if I could file a trouble ticket because of the delays (this was yesterday). This person basically told me to come back with some examples of these delays before she would file a trouble ticket.

    TL;DR - Try calling your carrier again and explain the issue (including the length of time you've been having this issue). I'll probably do a restore again tonight and see if that fixes it. Also, if you notice a sudden stop in texts, try texting yourself. For me, it's been forcing the delayed texts to come in. Yes, it's annoying to do, but it's been working for me. Let me know if you get it anywhere and if you get it fixed. If you do, please let me know how you got it fixed. Good luck.

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    That is not encouraging news. And yes i have a bit noticed that if I send out an SMS, sometimes (not always) that does seem to cause the late messages that are clogged somewhere to come flooding in. However the other day I sent out an SMS, and my friend received it 7 hours later.

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    Indeed it isn't. Just wondering though, but what firmware are you on and what did you previously jailbreak with? Because after I was told that it was a device related issue from AT&T and that we'd have to call Apple, I decided to restore and update. After that, I didn't restore my Cydia apps with xBackup or whatever - I went through and installed every app I previously had. Combined with the update that technical services management did, I think it pretty much eliminated the delay. Though, like I said, I'm still getting a delay at night for some reason.

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    I was using 4.3.3 with redsn0w jail break originally. then I did a restore to 4.3.5, no jailbreak. Problem persisted. Then I tried the 4.3.5 redsn0w jailbreak in order to try to erase the memory but I was not successful. THen I tried to use the erase everything option within settings, but that spun all night and never finished, so I canceled it and nothing was erased, finally did a restore back to 4.3.5 again, which is where I am now, no jailbreak. Problem still persists. I'm paranoid that something is lingering around from the jailbreaks that might be causing this. I really have on idea. The provider has an open ticket and supposedly a net engineer is going to investigate, but its been a few days waiting to hear back.

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    Okay, so you basically were doing what I did. I'm not sure if you know this though, but the 4.3.5 jailbreak with redsn0w is only a tethered jailbreak, so if your phone reboots or powers off, it's gonna go into an endless reboot loop unless you boot it up again (I'm not sure if you meant it went through a reboot loop as I've never tried that erase everything option - my apologies if this isn't what you meant). So you and I have basically done the same thing then. For me, when I had a trouble ticket, I got a text a few days after filing it (I was told it would take 72 hours for this). Best case scenario, it'll be something that your provider can do about. If not, you can talk try to get Apple to replace it, or have your provider contact Apple on your behalf so you don't have to explain the whole thing again to them.

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    I'm in the philippines so it may not be that easy but we'll see what happens when the provider comes back with some info. Maybe they will figure it out.

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    Oh, okay. Hopefully the issue lies with your provider and hopefully they can do something about it. By the way, I've read of some people having a similar issue and the way they fixed it was by requesting the provider change their number. Or at least having the provider do all that they can and then having the provider themselves suggest that they give the person a new number. Though, I think these topics were a few years old and these were people who had switched providers and kept their number. Either way, good luck!

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