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Thread: iphone 3gs gone silent

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    Default iphone 3gs gone silent
    I have an old bootloader 3gs on 4.0 jailbroken and unlocked. Today I got a call and I could not hear anything, I tried playing a song and I could not hear anything(even with earphones). No keyboard clicks, nothing. I checked all the connections in the phone and they are fine.

    Anyone out there had or have this issue?

    Apple stopped signing 4.0 before I got the phone but I did save my blobs for 4.1 through cydia. I launched cydia and it doesn't list my saved bloob at the top of the home page anymore. I was able to download the blobs for 4.1 with shshit ( after reading the thread about apple signing them again).

    So I guess I'm wondering: 1. does anyone know what's going on with my phone?
    2. if I need to restore can I unlock 4.1 ?
    3, whats up with the cydia and saved shsh blobs?

    Hold on a minute: As I was typing this I heard a push notification for my email and checked my phone again. Now all sounds are working. I still need to know whats going on because if this happens while I'm away I'm screwed


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    I recently bought a used 3GS and the same thing happened to it. With no warning all sounds just quit working. Turned it off for a bit, turn it back on, walla, the sounds return, for a while.. Knowbody seems to have the answer as to why this is happening. I even went so far as to restore it but it is still happening.

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