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Thread: Another Recovery Loop Thread... With a Twist.....

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    Default Another Recovery Loop Thread... With a Twist.....
    I'm new to posting on here but not to the site.
    I have been here for a while and have come to understand most of whats going on with my iPhone (at one point 3GS and now 4)

    But now I have a major problem... With my Girlfriends iPhone 3GS...

    So if you guys out there know how much they rely on there phones you can understand why I need this fixed asap.

    So here is whats going on...

    Her iPhone is a 3GS running on 4.2.1 Tethered (I believe)
    Her phone has been slowing way way WAY down and I noticed some of the APPs were not responding like they should have been. So I asked her if there were any apps that were running in the background constantly and she say "uuhhhh" so I looked and found that her Facebook app has been trying to sign her out for the past few days.
    So I thought I would delete it and redownload it (just in case it was a bad file in the app or something.

    Well after I deleted it and redownloaded it wasn't responding at all.........

    So I did a hard reset.

    Then the Boot Logo came up...

    So i waited... and waited... and waited......

    then I decided to give up on that and put it into recovery mode hoping that TinyUnbrella could get it out of recovery mode and pop right on.

    Now... Why I thought that would work I don't know...Now I'm stuck in this freaking loop... And now I have another predicament...

    The computer we synced it on before is shot and we just recently bought her another computer... And she DIDN'T BACK IT UP.............

    And she has close to 1000 pics that she doesn't want to loose... but unfortunatly I don't know what to do... I can restore and loose it all or maybe you guys can give me an idea of what to do...

    Here is a bit more info.
    I have no idea what the baseband is.
    The iPhone does charge and can be discovered by the computer.
    Unfortuantly I don't know the IP address so I can't use anything like WINSCP or anything like that...

    Any info is appreciated!

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    I can't help with the other problems but download iFunbox and see if you can get the pics that way.

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    If it's a tethered jb u will have to boot tethered..
    Alternatively you can try running this . Male sure u have administrator privileges
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