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Thread: Battery display as number, help.

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    Default Battery meter is displayed as numbers.
    When my iPhone was running 1.1.1 I installed an app that gave me some extended options in the iPhone settings menu. One of those options was to display the battery meter in the upper right corner as a number instead of a bar.

    I have now reset my iPhone and updated it to 1.1.4 keeping my old settings from the backup. The battery is still displayed as a number, but the app that changed that setting is gone.

    I forgot which app it was I used to do this. If anyone could tell me what app to use to change the battery meter back to default that would be great.
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    extended preferences, also dont forget to restart your phone after changing the battery meter to ensure the change takes effect

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    I don't see extended preferences in I added all the sources any everything. Is it still available and working on 1.1.4?

    Where do I get extended preferences if it is not in my
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    yes its working on 1.1.4 thats what im on right now, and i have all sources added too and it showed up for me, but regardless add this source its from black wolf repository and it should show up

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    How would I go about adding that source?

    Edit: Nevermind, figured that out myself.

    Edit 2: Adding that source worked and I am downloading the package right now.

    Edit 3: Problem solved. The app brought the numeric battery option back and allowed me to turn it off. Thanks!
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    No Problem Glad u got it working

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    I was looking for something like this. Thanks man!

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