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Thread: NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!!! itunes trying to make me restore my phone!!!

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    Default NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!!! itunes trying to make me restore my phone!!!
    Ok, so I'ma try to make this short & to the point....I have a jailbroken iphone 4.3.3(Iphone 4). Some odd reason I when I try to connect my phone to itunes, it always try to sync, which I have to disable all the time...when i stop the sync itunes freeze up & have to do a hard close---I have nothing on my phone except sbsettings, winterboard, a theme, & Gridlock....Well today i tried to connect my phone to itunes & it tried to sync, & froze, I closed it & open back up well when i did, it give me the dialog box where it says cannot read content, please restore...mind you I have a crap load of apps & tons of music...when i go to my ipod it says no content..but i go to ifile & it shows all my music is still there....Is the anything out there where i can salvage my music and not do a restore b/c 4.3.4 is out & I don't want to not have a unjailbroken iphone...I've tried everything that i know but if anyone else have any idea of a solution i would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

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    Doesn't look good I don't think there's any quick fix once iTunes 'says no content'.
    You may be able to salvage the contents if you're previously installed OpenSSH, but you'll likely need to start over with a complete restore.

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    Why do you stop it synching? If you'd let it synch you could just restore to 4.3.3 (assuming you have your Blobs backed up) and synch all your stuff back. I'm not sure why you stop it synching?
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    Anyways, the best thing i can tell you is that you might not have a choice but to upgrade, then try to figure out a way to downgrade or restore your iphone by using tiny umbrella and ios 4.3.3 again like you would when jailbraking (cuz u'll have to do it again)

    first i'll try to uninstall itunes, and download it again if u are still getting the same message

    just do the steps that you normally would when jailbraking when you connect to itunes use the shift key and load in your ios while running tiny umbrella to bypass stupid apple

    sorry dude don't let your iphone upgrade to 4.3.4 I think restoring is your best bet

    if you synced and backup all your apps restoring should be fine...unless your worried about your jailbreak stuff

    sorry to say ur out of luck if you did not save using ifile or back up your shsh with shshit >.< always back up do it about twice or three times a month u never know when **** happens, if you can get your device u can jailbrake it again it'll take a lot of work to get it how you had it before, i had to do this several times before so i know how u feel, i had my ipod touch 4g stuck at the apple logo for two days then the darn thing went black for 12 hours and i finely figured it out with luck.

    sorry my directions aren't the best guess thats why i'm not a teacher, but give it ago.

    oh btw if you want to get your pics, music, roms or what ever off your iphone before restoring use Diskaid it's free for 14 days it's better than SSHing it! cuz my wifi is stupid and SSH doesn't work
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