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Thread: 3GS needs repairs but..

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    Default 3GS needs repairs but..
    Okay so 3 days ago I bought a 3GS in great condition off Craigslist. Unlocked it, put it on Simple. That night I fell asleep with it without a case on (from now on at home it's in the tank case!!)and it falls off the bed and I didn't bother to get it since it was 3 am and I was half asleep so I was just like "nah chill sleep there tonight".. I wake up in the morning and I find that the physical vibrate, lock and volume switches are dead.

    At first I was like nah chill whatever I'll toggle vibrate in settings and use Tap To Lock.. And right now I looked up the phone's serial and it has warranty and AppleCare until October..
    So here's my sketchy plan.. I'm going to the mall with an Apple store in it on Friday so I'm planning on hiding/deleting the cydia apps I have on it and popping in the ATT sim that the guy left in it when I bought it from him.. Essentially making it look legit as possible. I know the iPad baseband on the phone is going to be the only thing I can't hide but I'm hoping the Genius won't bother looking there.

    Any flaws you guys could point out? Chances of this working? I'm not the type of person to do sketchy stuff like this.. But why not, the most they can do is refuse me.
    FW 4.3.3 on iPad baseband.. Cannot restore because if I do I can't rejailbreak and flash because I don't have a working lock button!
    (btw, Yvonne isn't stolen I believe. Came with the original box, 2 cases, the accessories, etc, all for $200! )

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    As far as I'm aware your gonna have to restore it first because If you take it jailbroken and they see Cydia on there theyre likely to refuse straight away!

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    Tazz, everything has been hidden and disabled. I will not attempt a restore since DFU mode to jb and unlock requires my broken lock button lol. I wanna keep the fw unlocked and all incase they tell me to go home. I put adorable pictures of my pet rats on my lockscreen, and a girl friend is going to come with me. Were gonna pull the "technogically-impaired" card, hopefully it goes well. I feel sketchy doing this but I should try to take advantage of the AppleCare that the phone has on it.

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    Well in that case i suppose if they can't switch it on until they've fixed it (by which time it's too late :P) then I suppose it'll be fine. I can't really see them "un-fixing" it afterwards Go for it dude they can only say no it's not like ya breakin the law!!

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    Alright, I have an appt at 850pm tomorrow.. Ill post back what happens, thanks dude

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    What happened then?

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    Haha no bro, today's the day and it's only 11am right now here.. I put in Fake About Screen to hide the baseband, I feel confident ill get my phone replaced since I read that the Geniuses are slacking a bit, it depends who I get ofc, and apparently the broken vibrate switch was like a common problem the 3gs had??

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    LOL okay here's what went down..

    So me and my friend enter the store, we're greeted by everyone like its all good in the hood, and we talk to one and tell them we have an appt.. I tell him whats up with my iphone, and he does the motion of swiping for SBsettings (which I took off yesterday lol) and he looks in the only app folder I had (with Cydia chilling at the bottom) and he tells me the phone was unlocked etc, and i'll get a replacement depending on who my Genius is.

    The story we had was that I had the iphone as an ipod for 4 months already since I was getting a job soon so I could put it on AT&T.. The phone was given to me by a relative, etc and that after the switches stopped working, I had a relative "refresh it for me".

    So we're sitting down, and soon a Genius comes to us, shakes my hand, etc. I told him that the 3 buttons were broken, he checks them out, and goes into the About screen (which thankfully I spoofed the baseband with Fake About) and he gets the serial, and tells me that the iphone's been swapped out 4 times already, and goes to the back and gets me a refurb. I sign on his little ipod, he activates it for me, and my friend and I walk out.

    And now im at home updating the baseband so I can put im Simple Mobile SIM back in. My friend was like Mission Act-Stupid was a success!!

    I would say it was easy because were both pretty attractive chicks.. But I think it was pure luck too.. I was VERY surprised as to how friendly these guys are..

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    Haha like it nice one glad it worked out

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