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Thread: iPhone 4 no signal....what are the causes?

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    Default iPhone 4 no signal....what are the causes?
    First, just thought I'd say I've been lurking here for what seems like forever, only just decided to join and post. Hello there!

    I've wanted an iPhone since they originally came out, and now I thought I could. Turns out I don't have enough. Looking around on eBay I found that there are a surprising number of iPhone 4s that have a 'no signal' problem in the UK only and are being sold for spares or repair. So I was wondering if anyone knew the cause of this, and hence whether it was software or hardware related? If it were software, would a simple baseband upgrade fix it or would it be more difficult than that? I'm familiar with the jailbreaking/unlocking process (my iPod touch 1G was jailbroken for a while), though I haven't done it any time recently.

    TL;DR: iPhone 4s with no signal problem. Software/hardware and is it easily fixable?


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    If your iphone 4 is not hardware issue related and your baseband is not 1.59.00, then you can use Gevey sim to unlock up to IOS 4.3.3 not IOS 5 as Apple has put a block on the Gevey Sim.

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    I'm not sure about the baseband yet as like I said I haven't actually bought it yet, so I'm still contemplating the risks. Thanks for the thought though, hadn't even heard of Gevey SIMs.

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    No signal, but blocked only in the UK? Sounds like it could be IMEI blocked, as that's commonly done in the UK with lost/stolen phones. If that's the case, it's neither hardware nor software. It's a carrier issue, they have blacklisted the phone from connecting to their network. Only solution for that phone is to use on a network that hasn't blacklisted it. I have read that UK carriers share blacklists with each other, some people even said the same blacklist applies for all of the EU. I don't know if any of that is true, but if it is, the only way to get a phone with such a problem working again is to use it in another country that won't block it.

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