I hope some1 can help me.

Somehow i managed to accidently restore my iphone to a new phone.

Anyway i tryed to restore it from a backup but my old backup wasn't in itunes, it only had my new 1 in there. well i searched every where on google to see how you find your old backups and i found out that its in the cappdata....... i found it and there was two folders in there. one dated before i restored it to new and one from after the phone was set up as new.

Well anyway no matter what i do i can't restore from the old back up or extract anything from there using backupextractor, because all that is in this backup folder is a plist called status.plist and a folder called snapshot containing 4045 files. There is no mainfest.mbdb, manifest.mbdx, manifest.plist or status.plist. like there is in the rescent backup.

So what do i do?

Have i lost my things forever?

Thanks for any help