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Thread: Quick question about my multitasking bar

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    Default Quick question about my multitasking bar
    Recently, within the last few days, my iPhone has started doing something very peculiar.

    When I am at the home screen, the multitasking bar does not seem to function. It's completely black.

    However, when I am actively running an app in the foreground, it works just fine.
    I don't know how it started, nor how to fix it. Any suggestions?

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    That's odd...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sephiroth726 View Post
    That's odd...
    Lol, I heartily agree. Also, for some reason it works properly in Safe Mode, but I don't have any new software or tweaks that would account for it's sudden non-operation. This is confusing.

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    I hate to say this but you may need to restore and rejailbreak...

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    Nope, just start disabling .dylibs that hook springboard

    and also, get rid of winterboard. It makes your device lag SO FREAKING MUCH (Unless you have an iPhone 4)

    and one last thing, .dylibs are to be blamed for excessive lag)

    RAM heavy .dylibs:
    - VoiceActivator
    - Preference Loader
    - Anything that hooks springboard
    - Anything more than average size
    - Anything that hooks a lot of things
    - Anything in it's first version
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    Okay, I figured it out. Somehow, the doubleclick action unbound itself from the switcherbar activation. I rebound it, and it's working fine now. If only I knew how it happened lol.

    Also, how do I disable the .dylibs? I could really do without VoiceActivator
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    Uninstall from cydia any .dylib. For those .dylibs that are "dependencies" and are useless (libhide, preferenceloader)
    Navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ and add .bak to the .dylib files and .plist files you don't need. (libhide, preferenceloader). Then respring.

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    Thanks a lot for the help, I really appreciate it. I'm a bit new to iPhones, particularly so, considering this is also my first iDevice.

    For clarification, I can just use something like iPhoneBrowser or such to just navigate to the specified area, then rename them with a .bak at the end?

    Also, is VoiceActivator named something that isn't obvious, because it doesn't seem to be in my list. Unless, of course, one of the .dylibs you already named was the controller for it :P
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    No. Just get iFile, and then navigate to the dir that I mentioned and then rename the files.

    As for voice activator, anything that has VA as the first two letters are voice activator. There are 3 .dylibs I'd just uninstall.

    Another thing: I contacted chpwn and he said that he will add a $RAM variable. Did he?

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    I have to admit, I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about with the $RAM variable. Can you extrapolate?

    Secondly, I will download iFile to see if it shows more than iPhoneBrowser does. I'll let you know. I shall try searching in Cydia for some way to uninstall the .dylibs with a tweak, because I get the impression that doing the .bak method doesn't uninstall them, right?

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    If you have sbsettings, you can go to more->mobile substrates and turn stuff off there

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    It doesn't work 100%. The disabled .dylib may/may not be injected. It is best to also disable the plist.

    The folder is /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/

    just add .bak to the .dylib and it's plist that you want to disable.

    Or you could just uninstall voice activator.

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