oki, so i finally bought the IPHONE 4, but as iam an avid Angry Birds player, i would surely kill myself if i loose all my records.

i know that i can simply backup my Iphone 3G, then plug in the IPHONE 4 and restore the backup onto it, for all items to be preserved AS IS.

but i wish to know if there is another way for this? say for example i want to fully format my new IPHONE 4 so none of my emails, pics, or sms are there, and bring it to factory setting,s and yet i want to keep my Angry birds records? can Game Center help?

i have a Jailbroken IPHONE 3G with Gamecenter enabeled, all my games scores are on gamecenter and fully synced, if i log into the iphone 4 with the game center, and enter the newly installed angry birds, will the scores transfer and all level unlocked as before?