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Thread: iPhone 3gs not recognising sim

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    Default iPhone 3gs not recognising sim
    Hi I recently bought an iPhone 3gs off e-bay when I got it I attempted to put the sim in but couldn't seem to get the sim tray out. I finally got it off but it's more like a pop off slot like on some phones for the memory card instead of the tray I was expecting. I'm assuming the rest of the tray has stuck inside the phone.

    I finally got the sim card in to the phone but it says invalid sim, it is reading the sim as I can read old text messages but I can't make or receive phone calls. I took it in to a shop to see if he could fix it but he told me it was a fake. I Didn't believe him as it does seem genuine to me so I phoned apple who said it is a fake. I asked them how they knew it's a fake when they haven't asked me to check anything on the phone to which they said the phone was sent back to them for repairs and they discovered the phone had it's software changed and they sent it back. They also told me the phone had been stolen but confirmed apple did make the phone.

    I'm stuck with a phone I can't use as it's not recognising any sim card and apple sending stolen phones back to people to sell on.

    I know absolutley nothing about iPhones so I dont know how to check the firmware etc... any one got any ideas on how to fix it??? I was thinking of either jail break or restore but itunes won't recognise it which makes that very difficult.

    When I go in to the phone files on the system there is alot of chinese? like files not sure if that means any thing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wow. Report this to Ebay right now and get your money back. Then take the iPhone back to Apple and get an out of warranty replacement. Let Ebay deal with the bad seller, let Apple deal with the stolen iPhone, and maybe you will learn honesty pays. If this senario works, as I know it would for me, you will have a perfect 3GS for $200.

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    It is almost certainly a fake - does it have a model number on the back?
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    To tell If your iPhone is fake...

    - Chinese
    - Feels Cheap
    - Slow
    - Invalid Serial Number
    - Doesn't accept Apps from the App Store
    - Different functionality

    There is nothing we can do about your fake iPhone. You might as well get a new 3GS, which retails for about $49? Check with Apple because they are still selling iPhone 3GS.
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    Got pics? Links to the auction? Just curious how realistic this fake iPhone looks.
    $49 for a 3GS? Uh, no, not without a 2-year contract.

    I'm guessing it may really be a fake by how you describe the SIM slot working. I don't know how you could possibly get a SIM in the phone if the SIM tray was broken off as you describe. Then again, most of the fakes I've seen have a removable back and dual SIM slots.

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