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Thread: No Autolock and wont Show Battery Charging

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    Default No Autolock and wont Show Battery Charging
    I am new here and have searched through the threads but cant seem to find exact resolutions to these two problems.

    First, i will start with the no Auto lock. lately I have noticed that my phone will not auto lock, it just dims but still shows the home screen. I have to click the sleep button for it to lock, this happens both when charging and when not charging. I have Lock screen dim Delay installed and is set to 30 sec and the auto lock is set to 1m. the dim used to be set to 45 sec with auto lock at 2 min. and i did set the auto lock after setting the dim time.. Any idea why this would be happening?

    Secondly.. I have the HTC Animated Lock Background installed and found a really nice Battery Charging Theme i would like to see when i have my iPhone plugged in next to my computer. but when it is plugged in, it does not show the battery charging theme just the HTC Animated Lock Background. the last time i had a battery charging theme i liked, I had a different lock screen theme and it did show them both.. wondering why it wont show them both now, and what I can do to possibly combine the two themes together to make them coincide together.

    I have iPhone 3GS with 4.3.2 firmware.

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    and i am sorry if these are answered somewhere, i just could not figure out the resolutions with the multitude of comments.

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    Hey, can't help at all with the auto lock issue (I'm a sleep button freak so I have no experience) and very little with battery issue, but I hate to see a problem post go without response.

    I have noticed the charge screen issue even with simple lockscreen themes (just an image) so I'm sure it's far more complicated even with animation/widgets, but where I've noticed it are in instances that an .html file is used to apply the BG. I haven't solved this problem (my needs hadn't required it) but I'm the type that usually makes a copy of a theme and plays around. I like to look under the hood and see how everything works anyway, so I do a lot of using parts of themes, combining themes, etc. (Though not usually to resolve issues).

    With this in mind and no other responses for now, you could definitely as least physically combine the two and see what happens by say making a copy of the HTC theme and then if it has a /Bundles/ folder, just copy the Battery images into that folder, or if it doesn't, just copy that whole folder.

    I'm on 4.2.1 so this is assuming that the location hasn't changed for 4.3. In that case looking at the makeup of each theme should show you what to do instead. (Of course this is also assuming you've confirmed that the Battery theme works on it's own).

    I admittedly can't see why this would make a difference from just having both themes armed, but may be worth trying in the meantime.

    My responses usually make no assumption of poster's exp level, so apologies if this is not at all useful, but if nothing else maybe could provoke someone with more knowledge to want to belittle me and hopefully help you out.

    Happy to try and help further if possible.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, yea im not really familiar with all of this but have learned quite a bit on my own and yes i did try the copying the bundle directory over but it did not work, there was no bundle directory prior and nothing in the HTML that i could see to reference for the battery. but you did make me think about getting another lockscreen theme that does have a battery charging and see how it is set up to see if i can duplicate it with the two i like.. but still the auto lock i can not figure out, i even removed recently installed apps from cydia and no change.. i wouldn't mind so much but it takes longer to charge unless i press sleep and the battery is running low faster too.. but who knows maybe it will fix itself when i redo everything after ios5 is finished and i can have the untethered JB since i have the newer bootrom. but thank you still for at least responding with helpful information and not just the usual sarcastic remarks a lot of people post to peoples questions.

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