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Thread: dropped jailbroken iPhone 4 - random restarts and screen artifacts

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    Default dropped jailbroken iPhone 4 - random restarts and screen artifacts
    Hello everyone,

    I came here for some quick advice to see if someone can point me in the right direction for fixing my iPhone 4. Over the weekend, I dropped my device. It was inside of a case, and there are no marks or external damage from the drop. The device was jailbroken, and was running the OS previous to 4.3.3.

    After the drop had occurred, I was stuck on a screen saying something to the effect of:

    "panic: the device is now hanging."

    With some other information also displayed on the screen. I'm guessing this was something that was from the jailbreak.

    I decided to backup my device and restore it, updating it to the newest OS.

    Since then, I still have had issues and have also received the screen once or twice again.

    It seems like the device is pretty random on its restarts, but it seems like many times I will be in Safari and it will reboot or lock up. Sometimes, grey bars are displayed over the current screen and some artifacts can be seen.

    How should I go about fixing this and can it be fixed? I've read about something such as a "hard" restore, which I'm not sure if that will help or not. I was thinking that perhaps the drop caused something to be corrupt from the jailbreak, and that there are still remnants left on the device from that. Would that be a fair assumption?

    If anyone could push me in the right direction, I would be extremely grateful.

    Thank you!

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    I'm assuming that you don't need to unlock?
    the "hardest" restore you can do is a factory restore from DFU mode. This completely wipes everything... jailbreak, etc, all software problems.
    If you can live without your iphone for a while, try backing up all the data, and set it into DFU mode.
    make sure to back up everything, contacts, photos, notes, etc...

    To put it into dfu mode, plug it into your computer and turn it off. then hold down the power and home buttons, which will cause the phone to start booting up (the apple logo comes up) and then reset, which means the screen turns black. when the apple logo dissappears, wait a sec and let go of the POWER button, keep on holding to the home button for 10 secs. if you did it right it will now be in dfu mode. In DFU mode, the iphone screen will be black, as if it is off. to get out of the mode, hold the power and home button down for 10 seconds so it can reset.

    while in DFU mode, open itunes. it will ask you to restore the phone. allow it to factory restore and set it up as a new iphone (use a different name and everything, you don't want to have all the gunk from the old phone show back up )

    after you do all this, the phone should be like new. if it is still having problems, it might be a hardware problem. I HOPE YOU ARE STILL UNDER WARRANTY, and send it to an apple store. the DFU restore should wipe all traces of a jailbreak, so it will seem like the phone was never jailbroken...

    If the problems go away after the restore, it was probably some software incompatibility.
    if you want, redo a jailbreak. the jailbreak by itself shouldn't be causing the problems... try to install as little jailbroken apps as possible. There is probably a 'bad' app that you installed that caused this problem.

    personally i think it's a hardware problem, but i'm not sure. try to send it in for a warranty replacement after you wipe it with a DFU restore, worst thing is that they refuse to fix it...

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    Unfortunately, things have made a turn for the worse.

    Yesterday I was still having some issues with the phone locking up and rebooting, so I decided to do another restore to ensure that I was in DFU mode.

    I proceeded with the restore process and about 1/4th of the way through, the phone locked up and was unresponsive to the update. After about a half-hour, I unplugged the phone and closed iTunes.

    Now, when I try to restore - the phone will lock up and the screen will turn colors or it just won't respond.

    I have an appointment today at the apple store near me, and I'm hoping that I can explain the problems I've been having and maybe they will be able to fix my phone or give me a new one. Should I be optimistic or pessimistic about what's to come during my visit?..

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    theyll replace it just dont tell them it was jb and youll be fine

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    I'd never mention that...!

    Appointment here in a few hours. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berg709 View Post
    I'd never mention that...!

    Appointment here in a few hours. I'll let you know how it goes.
    ok bro.

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    Great news, you were right.

    Gave me a brand new phone for free. Thank god for that warranty - Perhaps I should consider the Apple Care extended warranty in case this occurs again in the future..

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