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Thread: SMS doesn't work, can iTunes restore only apps?

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    Default SMS doesn't work, can iTunes restore only apps?
    I broke SMS on my original iPhone "2G" many months ago. I tried installing one of the MMS hacks from Cydia (since the 2G doesn't support MMS) and that broke my SMS. Uninstalling the hack, resetting Network settings, nothing seemed to work to fix it.
    I then upgraded to a 3GS. Whatever I broke on the 2G was transferred to the 3GS upon restore. Again, I tried resetting network settings, but that didn't work. I had to use the Google Voice app to send text. Then I switched to a Google Nexus One and forgot about it.
    Now I've switched back to an iPhone 4, restoring from a backup of the 3GS. Whatever is broken, is still broken, I still can't send SMS. So I think the answer is just to restore ONLY my apps and not whatever settings or other junk is messing up my SMS.

    I've searched and only found others who want to do the same, with no solutions given. Is it possible? I'll probably try to locate and dig through the backup files to see if it can be modified when I get home, but just thought I'd ask in case anyone already knows how to do it.

    Or if anyone happens to know a simple fix for this issue, that would be great too as everything else seems fine. I'm using T-Mobile if that makes a difference.

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    Did you try reloading the right carrier settings file to your phone? It may be possible that your APN settings got messed up for mms and sms. I also believe that cydia has some t-mobile fixes available for sms and mms.

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    Turns out, it's not the phone after all, but the network. I didn't want to wipe my phone and start over fresh without being SURE. I tried my SIM in my wife's old 2G iPhone which never had trouble sending text, and I have the same issue. I then tried it in my Nexus One and had the same issue. The fixes on T-Mobile's website don't work, so guess I'll have to talk to customer service.

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