Device: iPhone 4
Firmware: 4.3.3
Jailbroken: yes
Unlock: gevey sim

I tried customizing my SMS tones via modification of /System/Library/Audio/UISounds through converting an mp3 file to aiff then rename the aiff to caf then rename it to SMS-received1.caf (from 1 - 6) which failed. I did a failsafe plan via renaming the original SMS-received files to SMS-received1.caf.bak. Now since the initial plan didn't work, i had to revert to their previous settings so then i deleted the new SMS-received files then renamed the original files from .back to .caf.

Now Iím experiencing the following issues:

1. Vibration doesn't work when i receive SMS for both ringer and silent mode. For incoming calls in both silent and ringer mode vibration and tones work.
2. Going to settings -> sounds -> Text tone selecting anything doesn't give me any sound literally. Whether I'm on silent or in ringer mode. Volumes are on maximum when in ringer mode.

To somehow cover up the screw up I did, tried installing ToneFXs to somehow have a different SMS tone, and it worked. Then I tried installing Anyring prior to installing anyring I uninstalled ToneFXs. After installing Anyring, tried to again modify the Ring tone and Message alert tones, it was a success for the Ring Tone and again a failure for the SMS alerts. Tones/Vibrate doesn't work on Ringer mode; Vibrate alert for SMS doesn't work on silent mode.

Does this mean I have to do a restore? Is there a fix available for me? Like some permission modification on the stuffs in UISounds or something?

If incase you'd need a list of applications installed reply to this thread.

Help and Some tips would be really appreciated.