So im on and iphone 4 with 4.3.2 firmware and my camera and photos app having been acting up severely. it started a couple weeks ago i tried to take a picture and i hit the capture button and the camera app just crashed so i left it alone for a while did a respring and it started working again. Then i tried to take a picture on a different day same thing. crashed! so then i was going to see if maybe it still took the picture. so i first tried the little thumbnail in the camera app i clicked it and it says No Photos or Videos You can take photos and videos using the camera or sync photos and videos onto your iPhone using iTunes. like this

So then I clicked out the camera app and went to the photos app and it shows all my albums but only 1 has a thumbnail like this

So i tried clicking on an album and all the thumbnails are BLACK! like this

so i tried clicking one of the black thumbnails and it shows the pictures as being BLACK! like this

So then i tried to restore to a backup from when this all wasn't happening and it was good for about a week then it started again and its DRIVING ME CRAZY! im a real picture and video taker and i like to view what i take right after i take. but with this problem i have to wait till i get home and view them on the computer. could someone please help me????