I have already tried Push Doctor. The first time I installed it, I'm pretty sure it downloaded and installed some certs from the server but push notifications still didn't work. I tried re-installing many times just in case there was an error and I didn't catch it, but I now get an error (it says that they might not have any certs available). Is there any other way to get push notifications working on my phone? I had a website bookmarked a while ago that had some links for valid certs and instructions on how to SSH them to the phone but I gave up on it when I got stuck on one of the steps. Is there maybe an alternative to push notifications that works the same way? I have something called OpenNotifier that looks like that but it doesn't work either. Just to be clear, I'm using only Wi-Fi my 3g and Edge networks are disabled. Also, something completely unrelated to push notifications but is anyone else experiencing a really slow lock screen upon re-spring/reboot? After the first time everything is fast but that first time is always really laggy and I have to wait like a minute for it to get up to speed.