Hoping someone can add some insight to my issue.

I jailbroke my phone last week and have installed a few packages, and now my phone is using up battery power at a fairly accelerated rate.

I have installed, SBsettings (and it's associated plug-ins and Activator), Aptbackup, Bigify, Battery detective (which isn't telling me anything), Cydelete, Cyntact, Icon renamer, Infinifolders, iRealSMS 3.0, Open SSH, Photo Albums+, SBSchedule and Springboard Enhancer.

Now all that being said, I suspect it is iRealSMS, or SBSchedule but I cannot begin to guess for sure as I am so new to this stuff. I had one or 2 others installed but removed them already with no change.

Before Jailbreaking my phone used very little juice unless I was messing around with it, but now it will use 25% of my charge just sitting over night.

Anyone have any power issues with any of these?

Thanks for any help you can offer