Hi all!

Just got a new white 32gb iPhone 4 and jailbroke it with as many apps as I possibly could lol. After a week of tweaking everything there's only one question i have. I use lockinfo and have it set with the popup blocker, and it is all working great...except the notifications. Although they appear fine in the lock screen when they happen, is it possible to make them stay there as long as they're still on my phone? For instance...I play words with friends, I have 3 notifications in the app so I go and I play one game so I still have two notifications that stay on the app itself, but after "seeing" them I guess you can say in the app, they go away. It happens with everything, say in facebook I have a number of notifications but I only go in to read one message or accept a friend request, all the other ones disappear from lockinfo. Any ideas?