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Thread: uh oh iphone died? What next?

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    Default uh oh iphone died? What next?
    Hello everyone just really need advice as to what to do next. either call apple or just sol. I have an unlocked jailbroken 1.1.4 iphone used with t-mobile. was out today and on the way back noticing almost dead plugged into the charger I used in my car since i bought from apple 4 months ago. and as soon as I plugged the phone in I get No Service and in a little I get on the screen "Repair Needed. Iphone cannot make or recieve calls." so being a little tech savy took it home and tried restoring to the phone 1.1.4 or any verion. get the iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (6). and now the screen is black won't turn on or charge. reconnect to itunes it tells me needs to be restored but trying again get the same error message! any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.

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    You could try using Ziphone to put the phone into DFU mode...then restore in Itunes.

    If that dont work, you have a hardware failure and your screwed.

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    ah darn it yeh tried that. do you think throwing a gophone sim in it and going to the apple store will work? reading on there website about the warranty says that "activation" is not a requirement for warranty.

    "Please note that warranty service is not dependent on activating your iPhone. For more information, please contact us. "

    wondering if I should pick one up on ebay and try?

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    I would bring it in with NO simcard in it....cause they can tell you put that card in it.

    If the "Genius" gives you **** about that.....push the point that the phone has a HARDWARE DEFECT/MALFUNCTION and has nothing to do with the crap he's trying to feed you.

    Tell him you had to take the simcard out and put it in your "other" ATT phone so you would have a phone.......and you left that one in your car.

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    Have you tried putting phone in restore mode? Holding down home and sleep button together, till you get connect to itunes logo on phone, then restoring via itunes.

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    would dfu, refurbish, dfu, restore work?

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    originally i got the refurbish to go thru when it was still powering but then restore failed. now phone will power on when refurb process is started but then just shut off again since not charing then restore allways comes back to that same message. unknown error occurred (6). might try that no sim card thing and we'll see what happens.

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    *duplicate* sorry

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