Hey guys!, I thought this would be the place to come and talk to the pros. Im giving my iphone 4 a new look now and its looks really good. Except for the fact that my battery dies in about 12 hours of standby compared to my usual 2 days of power. I really would like to keep DeepEnd but it seems to keep running even when the phone is locked..? I have iControl to save battery that has auto app killer when it locks, but since DeepEnd isnt a app its not something i can select to shut down when i lock my phone. any such program to help that out? what kind of wording would i use when im googling how to kill a tweak automatically..like a auto tweak killer? process killer? what would i call processes that i cant shut down because they dont have an app icon? SBSettings cant stop it either.

iphone4 firmware 4.3.3. thanks guys!