I've noticed on my iPhone 4 (when the brightness is cranked up anyways) immediately after I "slide to unlock" when the screen is changing to the home screen I get a quick flash of lines towards to the top of my screen that goes from left to right across the screen...kinda reminds me of reception issues on old TV's before cable came out. It all happens within under a second.

Usually I keep my screen brightness on the lowest setting because I'm always in darker places and I don't really notice it. After studying it in the low setting it seems to happen as well but it's so hard to tell because the brightness is just not there to show it off.

Was wondering if this is normal or what? I don't have any other issues with my screen, it's also dead pixel free after doing extensive tests to examine the screen (which I always do when I buy anything LCD anymore...


P.S. I realize this isn't a "mod"/jailbreak or anything else but nobody posts in the regular "general" catagory so I figured my post would never be seen.