Ok I feel like a huge noob for even having to ask this question but I don't know what's going on here.

I've got an iPhone 4, running iOS 4.3.1 and I cannot get the freakin contact photos to show up fullscreen when someone calls.

I've been searching around and have seen several explanations and "this is how you fix it"s but none work. Supposedly, only images that are in your iPhone Photo Library and assigned to a contact can be shown full screen? That is what I am finding as the answer in most places. I have several images in my phone's photo library that are large (iPhone 4 res or larger) that have been set to contact images and still only show up small. I've gone into Contacts on the phone, clicked Edit, and assigned the contact photo that way. I've also just selected the photo in the library and selected Assign to Contact there, still the same result.

Am I going crazy? Why won't this work? Any suggestions?