How to Backup your Appstore savegames
by iGThomas

This guide is for noobs and it's written to people that want to backup Appstore data easily.


-A jailbroken iDevice
-Dropbox account
-A Cydia App called: DataDeposit

I have tested it on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g firmware 4.3.2 but not on iPad

1.Downloading DataDeposit

Click on Cydia

Go to the search tab and type "DataDeposit"

Then tap on it and install

2.Opening DataDeposit

Then close cydia and you'll have DataDeposit icon on SpringBoard

Now open it and click on "Backup My Save Data..."

Now link you DropBox account


Select the App Data that you want to backup (I'll chose Angry Birds Rio)

Click on "Backup Angry Birds" (You'll have your App name)

Now you'll see that it will backup and Upload to dropbox

4.Restoring App Data

Now if you tap on Restore from DropBox you'll have this (I have only 2 games ):

And you tap on the App you want and it will download and automatically put to the App folder

And you're done!

Note: I really like DataDeposit(Thanks to justinxxvii), Because everybody can have problems with iPhone and iPod or want to restore firmware, and then you say "sh** I forgot to backup my savegames" and I had it a lot of time to say it. But now you know that only you can restore your App Data because it's on DropBox. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and if you have question feel free to ask. Sorry for my bad English :$