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Thread: Texting apps on iPhone (used as iPod Touch)/iPod Touch (Wi-Fi question)

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    Default Texting apps on iPhone (used as iPod Touch)/iPod Touch (Wi-Fi question)
    Or iPhone 4 that is being used as a Touch (no cellular active service)...

    Was do the texting apps (TextFree, HeyWire, etc) work on the iPod Touch with regards to the Wi-Fi standby issue? In other words Wi-Fi shuts off automatically after the screen auto locks to save battery...if someone texts you after this point do the messages still come through like they would on the iPhone that has constant connectivity (when Wi-Fi goes to sleep it still has 3G/EDGE) or will my texts not come through until I wake my phone back up?

    If the messages don't come through until you wake the phone up I can't see how any of these texting apps would even be usefull as one would have to constantly baby the iPod to check for texts. Also same question applies to E-Mail set for "push" as well.

    I'm assuming the phone/iPod Touch needs to be jailbroken and using "Insomnia" for what I want to work to work?

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    No only notifications in settings has to be enabled

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    Yes but if the phone is asleep it doesnt't receive a Wi-Fi signal, how does the messages still come through if it's not receiving a data connection?
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    It still does idk how but as long as you don't turn off the wifi in the settings then you're good.

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