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Thread: Inverted Video problem

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    Default Inverted Video problem
    I have a week 41 8GB iPhone that I unlocked with AnySim and am running on version 1.1.2 with BaseBand 4.02

    Everything works fine, but every once in a while, when I play a video either in the iPod app or in YouTube, the colors are inverted, like they would appear all pink and green.

    Also, I have noticed that my iPhone gets kinda warm or close to hot when using WiFi, is this normal? And it also gets hot when charging, and even when talking on the phone itself, is this all normal?

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    It will get a little warmer in 1.1.2 as it runs with 412 Mhz instead of 400 Mhz but it should not get that hot, also when charging and talking on the phone it is normal to get warmer than in idle.
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    alright, but what about the video problem I am having?

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    Is it always the same video, or does the same video sometimes work and sometimes the colors are wrong. You have to narrow it down it could be the video itself if not try restarting and try the same video again. Have you installed any other video app that could interfere?
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    Hi i am having the exact same problem. I'm on 1.1.2 and i've had the phone for a few months now but it's only recently that the colours in the videos started appearing. Is there something physically wrong with the phone or is it a software problem? I have installed a lot of software recently but Hidepod is the only video-related program.

    It would be great if people could let me know if they're having similar problems and/or they know a solution. Cheers
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    I still have the problem, and it happens to all kinds of videos, even youtube videos.

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