Hello Guys first of all sorry for my english..
I just want some help about sms database and i am not blaming any third party developers.

I have
Firmware v1.1.2
ISMS v1.0 RC2
Wetool v0.3.9
SMSD v0.21

I have some issues in ISMS and SMSD

Issue in SMSD: when i delete many sms from SMSD and when i restart SMSD
i have all those sms which i deleted from the list but some are deleted.
So for this issue i use ISms.

Issue in ISms: it deletes the SMS too slowly.

I installed Wetool recently so i am unable to find any bugs but it is not running correctly due to....

When ISms 1.0 RC2 was released i installed this app and run it
in settings there was 5 options
(1) Confirm Before Send (2) Auto Archive (3) Enable SB Helper
(4) Default SMS App (5) SMS Blacklist.

I dont know what happened to my SMS database after installing ISms App before installation my sms database was.


after installation my sms database is.

now i have the issue is that when i use smsd,wetool for forwarding sms it always crashes when i send sms. Isms do not crashes but it is too slow to send sms.

how can i revert my database to original one i use before.. because my sms database is corrupt and i cannot use sms forwarding apps.

i do not want to loose my old sms.
please help me out.