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Thread: Please Help!

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    Default Please Help!
    my fone is messed up for some reason i kept getting the warning about the "attachment to compadible" message the really long one and nothings plugged into it.. then now the home button doesnt work it also has a static sound comming out of the speaker then a POP then nothing then static then POP over and over


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    Have you ever used a charger other than the one that comes with the phone originally? Or any type of FM transmitter that also charges?

    Sounds like you have a damaged circuitboard.

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    ive tried a while ago... but it was wierd cause i was JUST using it like 5 min b4 it went down and now idk

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    Honestly it sounds just like a hardware failure, in which case you would have to take it to Apple.

    Now, they will replace it cause its under warranty, however it better be activated with ATT.

    Also, if its jailbroken I would attempt to restore the phone first. A good "Genius" at the Apple store would recognize it as a "hardware" failure that has nothing to do with the "hacking" you did and would probably still give you a new one....but better safe than sorry.

    I had one burn...brought it in jailbroken with apps everywhere....the "Genius" told me my theme looked cool then gave me a new one

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    sweet and what type of insurance do you have

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    No insurance....the phone comes with a 1-year warranty which covers "hardware defects".

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    ok i have no local apple store so will i have to call them.. and if they ask should i tell him its hacked?

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    Does the computer recognize the phone? If so, I would run the "refurbish" utility in Ziphone will restore the phone back to OTB and then Apple CANNOT tell you ever hacked it.

    Otherwise, if you cant....I wouldnt volunteer the still might get away with it.

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    ok i cant even get the fone to recognize a plug to even charge and i have 10% left! this sucks! how can i save this i need to conenct to this comp

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    If the power button works you can turn it off.....however if it wont recognize the charger probably wont recognize the usb plug either so it dont matter.

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    damn it! i gotta try and call apple later then alright cool dude

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