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1-open the folder (by Shh) /usr/share/zoneinfo/America(or your continent), and after making a back up on your PC, delete file Buenos_Aires or Caracas, or wherever you are(your city),located in the folder America(or in your continent, Europe, Africa, etc).

2-Reset your iphone
3-Put the correct time in Settings–General–Date and time-
Time Zone: Caracas(Buenos Aires, or the correspondent city)—
Then in Set date and time put the proper time for Caracas, Buenos Aires, etc(your city).


End the problem with time stamp, SMS time order, and incorrect DST times.

Works perfect in: 1.1.3 an 1.1.4 (checked in 26 iphones)

Best Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Reset as in soft reset(hold in home and power buttons for 10 secs)?
Or do you mean reset in iTunes?