Hello guys.

So first of all, I'm new to this forum.
I've decided to register, because no one else got the solution to my problem, or at least no one is willing to help me with it.

I got iPhone 3gs iOS 4.0.1 Jailbroken

to my question:
I found a iPhone theme, which mods the dock to look like the one on some android based phone.
So my problem is, i can't get it to work what so ever.

The dock shows up as it is supposed to, except i can't the buttons to work. The icons are just showing as usual laying on top of the dock, which looks retarded.
I've gotten the impresion that this could be fixed with SSH, but i have no idea how, and i can't find much information upon this subject.

can anyone assist me in getting my icons "fitted" in to the dock, so it looks like it is supposed to.

The dock I'm talking about is this:

The people there apparently got it to work, but there isn't much help to get, or maybe I'm just retarded. LOL.

Best Regards