I am currently using Nokia e71. I have never ever tried out Iphone or Android, didn't have much cash that time.
Now, I am planning to buy the best deal within this month, and budget doesn't matter.

I always wanted to buy Iphone as it was and kept on being rated the best technology a mobile could ever have. But a lot of my friends have started to buy android based phones as well. Now I feel so confused as I totally like Iphone as obviously I would be switching from Nokia E71.
I like Iphone as I have no idea and I never followed the android technology.

I hope in here, there are a lot of people who would have switched from Iphone 3g/4 to Android.
Iphone users, if you could state reasons why do u love Iphone, as that would be a great help and help me decide.

Looking forward for some advices