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Thread: I have a question for the Moderators

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    Wink I have a question for the Moderators
    To: Ladies and Gentlemen who are the Moderators of

    First off, I know this is not what the Modmyi forum is for, but i figured since there is 757,725 Members and all of there people in here from all around the world.

    My question is not pertaining to any idevices, it is more of a professional question.

    I have been a member here on Modmyi since 05-23-2008.

    and my questions is this.

    Would it be a problem if i was to ask a few members what kind of business they are into?

    The reason being we are always helping each other out here on the site and giving pointers about our iDevices.

    even do We are all from different walks of life.

    When it comes to our idevices we are all their to lend a hand to anyone.

    And my business is all about making contact with the right people at the type of companies i do business with, and i do business around the entire USA

    i am a broker of certain things that companies requires my services for, and i Will not say exactly what i do without the permission of you The Moderators.

    And i would like to know if it is OK if i was to mention what i do for a living to try and make some professional contact here as well as iDevices buddies.

    Just wanted to know if that was OK with any of you.

    I mean besides idevices we can provide each other other types of help through the types of profession of each member.

    Let me know, if the answer is no then it is no and will never be mentioned again.

    or maybe you can give me some ideas how to reach out to some people to target my type of business.

    Like i said above if it is no then that will be the end of it.

    If it is yes i would even recommend adding an additional Forum channel of members mentioning the types of services they offer, just an idea.

    I mean for instance, My daughter went to a justing Bieber Concert tonight and she really wanted to meet him, and if someone on maybe a ticket sales agent, or music producer, or event promoter, even Security at the Toyota Center here in Houston, if this was known that person would have been able to assist me in getting my 10 yr old daughter a chance in a lifetime to meet Justin Bieber.

    or maybe nothing that dramatic.

    let's say someone is in need of some assistance with a car problem, and someone who is a member is also a Mechanic, he would be able to help that person out.

    But it all comes back to they became acquainted because of their idevices.

    Just an idea...............

    oh and P.S. i know this was a long post,

    just needed to give the exact reason as to why i am asking this question in the first place.

    do you get were i am going here?

    Thanks for listening.
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    scammer alert!!! only joking!!

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    As long as you don't link, promote/advertise business's you should be fine.

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    If cadi is cool with it, so am I

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