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Thread: Sound problems

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    Default Sound problems
    I have an iphone 3gs 32g OS 3.1.3, a couple days ago stop ringing.
    I checked the speaker and is working fine. I can hear music, or the ringtones, but the clik of the keyboard and lock sound are gone.
    It's not in silence mode, and all the sound settings are on. And thye speaker works fine.
    If I'm listening music using earpiece it ring when somebody call.
    Please if some body has the same issue and fixed it, let me know how you did it.

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    Does it say headphones when you turn the volume up or down?

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    Not, if take the earpiece out and i adjust the volume it says speaker

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    U r right it does say ringer with a speaker icon

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    Any ideas what to do?
    If I restore from itunes i'll lose everithing include the unlock?
    Can i put again the 3.1.3 and unlock it?

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    u restore it its gana give u the up date 4.1 if u wana stay they same ul have to down load 3.1.3 tiny anbrala save to desk top. then go to start word pad right click run as administraor. go to file open. then ul see it says systems32 drivers ect. click up there it will swich to c;\windows\systems\drivers\ect deleat back and leave c;\windows. then go down to rich text fomat click it ul see all documents click it go to host click it. then u should be a a page says copy right at the top. go down to u see ;;1 localhost. right under this type in save it. go to itunes put ur phone in duf mode when u get to ware it says restore hold down shift key hit restore ul see 3.1.3 restore it. u can also down load tiny 4.0 or 4.0.1 and u can still jail brake useing in safari. this is how i down graded from 4.0.2
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    how bout iphone 2G 3.1.3?? is the same step?

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    I'm sure it will work. I did it on my 3GS. and I got it from a guy that was doing it on a 3G. I no it's differt for Mac. I did it on a pc. There's a video on this site some ware that's how I got it

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