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Thread: What Does "UNLIMITED" mean ?

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    Default What Does "UNLIMITED" mean ?
    Hi all.
    Had problems posting this into the right section so if its in the wrong place then I'm sorry.
    Im very curious...
    I have noticed that theres members that say they have unlimited data plans or internet.
    Everything I have seen that claims "Unlimited" is rubbish.. Broadband.. and all mobile data plans.. They all claim they offer unlimited broadband or text messaging but in small print it states providing you dont exceed the monthly allowance. I read somewhere that these companys are being pressured to change their claims..
    I no many people that pay for unlimited txts and internet on their mobile phones and complain of being stung by the companys because they have either used to much of the web or have sent to many txts.. In England this was mentioned on BBC's Watchdog. AOL years ago had the idea of the dreaded "Fair Usage Policy".. since then all other companys have gone the same way. If there are companys out there that dont use this then im sorry.. I'm only going by what I have seen and heard here. When I signed up for Broadband at home I made a point of asking if the package DID supply UNLIMITED broadband and I was informed that it did.. There was no small print.. things have changed in a short time.. Now I get "capped" everytime I go over 60GB in a month. Im just interested in how many companys DO provide UNLIMITED broadband or data plans for mobile phones.
    A friend of mine was charged as he sent over two thousand txts in one month.. He was informed he had used up the monthly allowance? Hes on an UNLIMITED data plan.
    In most cases I think the word UNLIMITED should not be used anymore as its faulse advertising.
    So who has unlimited?
    I'm curious to know...

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    I'm not sure, but i think when your talking "unlimited" data plan, txt's are not included. I pay extra for a text message plan so i don't get charged if i go over. As far as a data plan, i do have "unlimited".

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    Whos your network provider?

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