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Thread: messed up mail app after 4.1 greenpoison jailbreak

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    Default messed up mail app after 4.1 greenpoison jailbreak
    im not sure if this is happening to anyone else but is anyone experiencing issues with the mail app after using greenpoison jailbreak?

    the app *sometimes loads up new mail and many times after loading the new info, the app crashes. i start it up again but the same thing happens again.

    another problem is that my emails dont show up. at all. there are designated sections for each email but they are all blank with the 12:00 time and the wrong date.

    im not sure if its because of other cydia apps/tweaks that may be causing this because of incompatibility or just because of the jailbreak because now im dealing with some seriously annoying lag on my iphone 4 which i never had a problem with on 4.0.1

    if anyone has any idea of whats the problem or how to deal with it, please share thanks

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    it's not the jailbreak! everyone has the jailbreak and if it was the jailbreak it'd be seen everywhere.

    it's either
    a) you restored from backup and that's what is causing it (most likely)
    b) something else installed from cydia is causing the issue.

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    doesnt make sense. how does restoring from a back up mess up the mail app?

    explain please

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    Thumbs down Same for me!
    Same thing happens for me! I didn't install and/or changed anything recently but crashes frequently. I can't even read my e-mails on my iPod anymore! For your information, I'm on Gmail (Exchange configuration). Not push, fetch. Here's what happens:

    1. I launch the app.
    2. It tries to fetch info from the server. (You know when it updates with the little round thing turning around)
    3. Bam! It crashes, and the iPod goes back to the SpringBoard.

    However, I jailbroke mine with limera1n, not greenpois0n.

    Sorry for my english, I'm a 14-year-old Quebecer.

    EDIT! Hey guys, I found out! It might be because of two apps: Notified Pro and Tlert. Uninstall them if you have them.
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    EDIT! Hey guys, I found out! It might be because of two apps: Notified Pro and Tlert. Uninstall them if you have them.
    I think he may be on to something. I was having this problem ever since I went to 4.1. I removed notified pro --all better! Thanks!
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    Same problem for me too. It's really annoying.

    Edit: Following the advice from above, Notified Pro was causing my issue. Removed it and now works.
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    Default GreenpoisOn crashed my mail also
    Three times now the app caused the computer to freeze an nothing works, not the keyboard or touchpad, had hold on button down to close the computer....

    Once it crashed my mai tool, bl--dy mess to restore the mail and mailboxes, I tell you!

    What would this be!?

    I managed to JB my iPhone 4, but when I tried with my iPad, crashed, and just now with a friends 3gs.

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