Hey Guys!
I'm having the same issue...
I can choose the song or podcast i want to play before I plug it in and then when i plug it in with the supplied cord, it will play the song through the speakers but on the radio console it will flash "End File" and "1" back and forth. It will not let me change any songs or even search via the IPOD menu on the car radio (which usually you can break down the songs, podcasts, artists etc.)
I see that there are other ppl with this problem.. Did anyone find a solution or temporary workaround?
Is it maybe a podcast that is making the system malfunction? This started happening once I synced after updating to 4.1 OS but I'm pretty sure that it worked a couple days with no problem, and then once I added more music, it started to happen.
Is everyone just dealing with this or what? Does nobody have any kind of solution at all?
Maybe removing the podcasts and seeing if the problem still persists?
Another quick question... Is everyone who is experiencing the problem on iOS 4? Are you jailbroken? What did u use to JB?
Im asking because I want to know who I should try to get help from, Apple themselves or should I contact the JB dev team?
Any insight or comments are greatly appreciated. I am usually real good with troubleshooting and working with technology and this is killing me!!

Thanx again to anyone who takes the time to write back...