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Thread: Terrible battery life iphone 4

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    Default Terrible battery life iphone 4
    Hi im on iphone 4 . My battery was fine but now im on 4.1 and it dies very quickly. Anyone else have this priblem?? Any fixes??

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    yeh bring it to apple and have them test your battery
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    But im on tmobile!

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    Any other suggestions?

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    he said bring it to apple, not AT&T. It doesn't matter if your on T-mobile, just restore it (using tiny-umbrella so you don't lose your unlock) so there are no traces of a jailbreak, then bring it to Apple. There are many methods of saving battery but you might as well save time and bring it to Apple.

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    I just cant risk them restoring it and me losing my baseband. Also, my phone was bought off someone who had AT&T and never activated it, and so i hacktivated it. Because of this, when i put my serial number in the apple website my phones warranty status says "not activated". Will this be a problem if i go to Apple?

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    hmm not sure..I would restore to 4.1 with tiny-umbrella so that will preserve your baseband, and then see if that fixes your battery problem. If not, then borrow someones AT&T SIM and activate it, then bring it to apple

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    Cant activate it cause it asks for social security number of original person. Do you think i should restore to a fresh 4.1 and not restore from my backup? (using pwnage tool of course).

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    Wait forget what i said. If i downgraded to 4.0.2 using tinyumbrella (cause i have ssh's saved) do you know if my baseband would remain unlockable?

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    yes it will remain unlockable, 4.0.2 doesn't change the baseband. Downgrade to it and see if it fixes the problem, and try setting up as new phone instead of restoring from backup

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    Had the same problem and found in another post about Celbros. If you have it on your phone take it off.

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    I dont have celbros

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    I have 2 I phone 4 and they really got it amazing battery life now after using 9 hr and stand by 16 hr it's got 15%
    I thing that's why I do not jailbreak my phone thinking about it if you like
    If you go to apple they well change you the phone if you still with in 90 days or you can buy new battery from china cost 13 $ or less

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