Got an issue with a 3g:

First off it won't turn on without being connected to a power supply or a machine via USB.

Next, when power on the apple logo appears, for about 30secs, then fade and disappears. During this period it's not seen by iTunes.

If I then hold the power and home button long enough I get the plug into itunes logo. I plug it in, iTunes sees it, and says the phone is in recovery. It asks if I want to restore, if I select yes it starts the restore then gives the code 23 error.

I don't know the firmware the iphone is on, it was bought in this state.

I'm on a mac with the latest version of iTunes.

I've googled that error 23 is hardware failure, given the fact the phone won't power on without being connected I'm wondering if the battery is dud, and that this is causing the error 23.

Anyone any ideas or experience of this?