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Thread: iPhone starts playing iPod when plugged into USB

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    Question iPhone starts playing iPod when plugged into USB
    Not sure where to put this and I've searched Google and ModMyi pretty heavily without success. I jailbroke my 3GS mainly to get the Bluetooth Profile Selector app and it's great. I can now ride in my van without checking my iphone several times to make sure it didn't start playing because it sees a BT connection at any random given time. But now I have a new problem.

    I normally plug my phone into the USB on my Pioneer radio and just leave it charging. In the past whenever I switch to the USB on the head unit it starts playing, which is great. But ever since the jailbreak and disabling A2DP it starts playing EVERY time I plug into the USB and now I have to go back into iPod and hit pause anyway. If I'm on a call and plug the USB up to charge it starts playing over the call.

    As I said no luck finding it so far but does anyone know of an app that will allow me to disable autoplay on USB? I've looked at my Pioneer unit and manual and there's nothing there. I'm also pretty sure the radio isn't responsible for starting the play because it's on Tuner whenever I plug the phone in and the radio is also set so that control is on the iPod not the head unit.

    Thanks in advance for any direction

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    I thought its supposed to start playing iPod music whenever you plug it into a dock.

    When I plug my iPhone into my car head unit, sometimes I want to play Pandora, it goes straight to the first song on the list, annoying hearing the same thing everytime, but if you find a fix let me know!

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    I did find a decent workaround. While looking through settings again for any kind of auto-play switch I noticed the Activator app. Must have been installed with SBSettings or maybe just Cydia. In Activator > Anytime I assigned a double-press of the home button to Play/Pause. Still have to test when I plug up in the van this evening but it should make it a lot easier than having to slide to unlock, tap iPod and tap Play/Pause

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