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Thread: Outgoing FaceTime only

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    Default Outgoing FaceTime only
    I am jailbroken on FW 4.0.1, and can only make outgoing FaceTime calls when someone tries to FaceTime me it says "FaceTime failed and that I am not available for FaceTime". Anyone else out there having this problem.

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    Check ur push notifications. Does it work when u click FaceTime during a voice call?

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    Okay so it does work when going to FaceTime through a regular voice call. What in push settings do I need to change?

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    Do u have a data plan? If not, u need to disable cellular data in settings, general, network, then reboot. If u do have a data plan, make sure ur APN settings are correct. FaceTime works through push notifications, and push notifications work through cell data. If u don't have a data plan, u need to force ur push notifications to use wifi instead. U do that by disabling cell data.

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    I do have a data plan. My outgoing FaceTime calls work, however if someone tries to facetime me it says that I am unavailable. The other thing is that if someone calls me then sends a facetime request, it works! The problem is when someone tries to call me straight through facetime. Thanks for your help, by the way

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    When u click FaceTime during a voice call, it doesn't use push. So it's not a problem with ur FaceTime, it's a problem with ur push. Download pushfix from cydia in the repo "" it will tell u if ur push is working properly

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    So I tried installing Pushfix 2.0, and it did give me an error. Is it possible to fix this without a restore, or is it my only option? Again thanks for the help

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    Oh wow! I didn't think to try it and it works now! You are the MAN! Thanks for your help!!

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