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Thread: The last frontier: Flash

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    Question The last frontier: Flash
    I've been an owner of an iphone since the first spell of the 3g, and since then i've seen the jailbreaking community constantly win terrain to Apple and its rules.

    There are LOTS of examples:

    Tethering (from Netshare to MyWi)
    3G Unrestrictors
    Lockinfo, Cydget and derivates

    and the list can go reaaaally long if you want...

    Thing is, since i bought this phone, i always considered 3 applications key to a 3g device, those being:

    -Customizable board and lock (achieved long ago with WS/Cydget)
    -FREE bluetooth and 3G tethering (again, check, thou some time latter)

    We are all aware of the differences between Apple and Adobe, but why has no one been able to port flash to the iphone? I know of Comex efforts but unluckily it fails to reproduce videos and is buggy/crashes.
    Maybe I am the only one which considers it important?
    Maybe it's too difficult? I shouldn't speak for this as im no good at programming, but as I've read of that browser Skyfire including a Flash player within itself, i suppose it's not THAT hard...

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    Flash would be great but we should let that technology die. It should go the wAy of animated .gif's

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