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Thread: SSH Problem

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    Default SSH Problem
    So I have been out of the iPhone modding scene for a while now, and just now upgraded my 2G iPhone to 3.1.3 via redsn0w. Everything is working fine so far, however I'm having issues being able to SSH into my phone. I have OpenSSH installed, as well as Mobile Terminal, and I have performed the steps of going into terminal, running "ssh [email protected]s". The only odd thing that showed up when I did that, it said it was unable to connect to that IP but did I want to accept the host file or something like that, so I clicked yes. But now I have a problem where I cannot SSH into it (via WinSCP). When I type in the IP address my iPhone is spitting out (which is by the way) and try to connect using root/alpine it doesn't even seem to establish a connection. So I popped up CMD and tried to ping that IP address, and I keep getting the error message "Reply from Destination host unreachable." Does anyone have any insight on why this would be happening? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Welcome back to iphone modding.

    The ping packet loss (i.e. destination host unreachable) points to network connection issue between your PC and iphone. I'd check the following to eliminate the obvious before digging deeper if needed. Most likely problem lies in one of these areas:

    1) Check iphone wifi settings and make sure ip address and subnet are same as your network and that it is actually connecting to your wifi router. If secure network (WEP, WPA, etc) make sure you are using the proper key.

    2) WiFi router - verify your iphone is actually connecting to your network and not being blocked due to firewall rules, mac address authentication (if enabled), etc. Log into the device, check security log, if enabled, and make sure packets are not being dropped. If not enabled, enable and try connecting to network from iphone, then check wifi router log.

    3) Verify that you don't have any firewall software running on the PC blocking connectivity to your iphone's IP. I know programs like Trend Micro will block by default if firewall is on. Try temporarily dis-abling any software firewalls and pinging your iphone again.

    After you check 1, 2 and 3, post back with progress.

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