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Thread: I Sure Miss Rock......

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    Default I Sure Miss Rock......
    Anyone else here miss Rock? I like Cydia and all but I mostly used Rock! The biggest thing I miss, is the reviews of apps and tweaks, and of course how quick it was. I just removed the Rock icon from my springboard for the final long.

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    I miss being forced to restore my phone simply from doing an upgrade in Rock.
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    It was really almost insulting when Saurik posted that FAQ about Cydia's acquisition of Rock. He states in it that Rock used unacceptable "shortcuts" and that it was less stable than Cydia.

    Of course, he's referring to the relatively recent Rock update that caused issues for some users with iDevices. I can personally attest that I installed Rock everytime I did an iPhone or iPod touch jailbreak, including many of my friends' devices, and have not had one such issue, but perhaps I was lucky.

    To claim that Cydia is better than Rock is absolutely asinine. Browsing the Cydia store is so awful unless you know precisely what you're searching for, and even then, you're forced to wait for UI refreshes that should be completed in the background.

    Cydia crashed for me multiple times. It exhibits strange UI bugs that can keep me from viewing app screenshots or reading update logs. Cydia almost always crashes everytime I queue more than 3 or 4 applications. It lacks identifiable icons for applications, sorting by app popularity, whether by reviews or even something as simple as the number of downloads. Cydia's UI takes massive amounts of time to load or refresh and yet provides the user with the least amount of useful information that makes finding new or useful applications extremely unintuitive and a chore.

    Just now, I was attempting to swipe in order to view the screenshots for Safari's full page mod app. Doing so basically locks the interface and I must relaunch Cydia in order for it to recognize touches once more.

    I absolutely loathe Cydia, and since it's still a business I will never donate to Saurik as I neither endorse his efforts nor do I agree with his long term vision.

    Cydia has looked and performed nearly the same for years, and is absolutely lacking any innovation while the rest of the official iOS platform moves forward. It's absolutely ridiculous. Cydia lacks custom icons, user reviews, star ratings, sort ability, apparent threading for UI updates or interactions. It features useless prompts and lists the full APT installer output which is better suited as a log for when it crashes constantly, and perhaps worst of all, it's just plain boring.

    To say I miss Rock would be a huge understatement. Saurik has stated that he plans to incorporate some of Rock's features into Cydia, but given Cydia's lack of innovation since its inception, and it's obvious monopoly of the jailbreak market, I just cannot see this happening at all in the foreseeable future. It's going to take another competitor to truly make an intuitive jailbreak app store, perhaps one that doesn't rely on HTML markup for advertising and descriptions.

    Cydia is a mess, and having seen the pirate app store on a friend's phone, I can honestly say that even that platform (which I ethically disagree with and would not endorse) is ahead of the legitimate one. What a shame.

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