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Thread: Lost itunes backups?

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    Default Lost itunes backups?
    This is probably in the wrong place but i cant think of anywhere else to put it.

    I reformatted my laptop last night and put itunes back on and itunes wont recognize my iphone and says i have to restore. I have 2 questions.

    1. Have i lost my old backups as i reformatted and my iphone wont sync again without restoring?

    2. Can i still update to 4.1 with tinybrella and preserve my baseband?

    Appreciate any help. Liam

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    If you have an iphone 4 you can use tiny umbrella to preserve your baseband.. Just run tss server then shift+restore to 4.1 firmware then kick out of recovery after error 1004

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    Ok i though i would be able to thanks. Any ideas on the backups though? Are they gone for good?

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    Back ups are history. Just like everything else that was on that hard drive. Ever since my pc crashed I bought a cheap external hd to back up all my important files. Just conect it 1 or 2 a month and copy the important stuff over.

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    Ok any ideas on why itunes cant recognize my device? Is it anything to do with pwntunes? I rarely plug my phone into itunes it worked a couple of weeks ago fine.

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    The fresh install of iTunes recognizes that your idevice has been synced with another iTunes. There is probably some kind of file that the idevice puts in iTunes or vise versa that tells iTunes this. Not sure if there's a way to take this file from the phone so that iTunes thinks its the right idevice.

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